Privacy Policy



  1. FERRIVA EYR S.A. does not have and will not attempt to have any kind of access to the personal data of users. Except for the data freely and willingly provided by the user.
  2. Whenever the users of the service supply personal information to FERRIVA EYR S.A. in order to use any of its services, such information will only be used with the purpose of optimizing our site in response to the users’ needs and with the ongoing goal of improving the services offered.
  3. The information freely provided by the client can be used in order to communicate, with the team and/or Account Executive from FERRIVA EYR S.A. or with a third party designated by the company.
  4. FERRIVA EYR S.A. commits to not market personal information from customers to third parties. The policies of the company restrict the use of data to the provision of generic and general information, with the specific confidentiality rule of not disclosing any personal information.
  5. FERRIVA EYR S.A. agrees to adopt a policy of confidentiality and data protection with the purpose of protecting the privacy of the information obtained through this website.
  6. FERRIVA EYR S.A. takes no responsibility for any breach of confidentiality in the use of personal data carried out by customers or third parties not related to the company.
  7. By registering with FERRIVA EYR S.A. the customer provides information that remains technologically protected and the access to it is limited to the user through the use of a password, and only in the cases in which the user specifically requests it. Company staff in charge of this area, in particular may access the information, in order to respond to a service request.
  8. The user is the sole responsible for password confidentiality, the user will also be able to change it as many times as desired.
  9. By using the services of FERRIVA EYR S.A. the user acknowledges having read, understood and agreed to the terms contained in this document. Therefore, this document constitutes a legal agreement between the user and FERRIVA EYR S.A. If, for any reason the user did not agree with any of the terms in this document, the user may choose not to provide personal information or not use the services of FERRIVA EYR S.A.
  10. FERRIVA EYR S.A. reserves the right to modify the rules on its PRIVACY POLICY, in order to adapt them, to the new requirements in terms of law, jurisprudence, technique or any other reason that allow improvement the services and contents offered. For those reasons, we recommend the periodic review of these rules.

If you have any doubts regarding this confidentiality agreement, do not hesitate to contact FERRIVA EYR S.A. by sending an e-mail to INFO@FERRIVA.COM.