Details: Lighting of the Chicua Birris Farm

The success case was implemented at the Chicuá Birrís Farm, located on the slopes of the Irazú Volcano in Cartago, Costa Rica, the work was done specifically in the milking area.

The company FERRIVA is focused on offering very high quality products and services with the aim of being able to offer solutions that contribute to extend the life of your projects using the right products for it: low power consumption, with high energy efficiency rates and a long life (100.000 hours) that allows the reduction of waste, collaborating with the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the production system, such is the case of the use of LED lamps from the German manufacturer SCHUCH.

Six months after the implementation of the proposal with SCHUCH products, the advantages, results and savings that the owners, the milking staff and the adequate care of the animals in production and breeding are getting are verified. This implementation returns real economic benefits by reducing the costs of maintenance and replacement of lights, in addition to the actual reduction in consumption and amount of the electric bill. This successful implementation by the company FERRIVA leads us to the following conclusions:

GRAFICA EN 2020 02 02


This kind of solutions and advantages are offered by the company FERRIVA using equipment of very high quality, durability and design, supported by our European business partners

(For more informayion about the case download this document Boletin 002 EN SFG 2020 02 02 )

  • Reduction of the real consumption, the SCHUCH solution is operating with 320W compared to the original 2000W, an actual reduction of consumption of 84%.
  • Elimination of bulb replacement due to low temperatures, during the six months that the FERRIVA solution has been in operation the owner has not had to buy more mercury bulbs as replacements.
  • Reduced maintenance cost, eliminated the need for revision of the lighting system, the wiring system works with less current consumption, no need to replace the porcelain bases.
  • Regularization of milking times, delays in milking time due to the replacement of mercury bulbs before the start of milking in the early morning were eliminated.
  • Solution life of000 hours (45,66 years), which will reduce waste production during that period. Compared to the luminaires used (3,65 years) an improvement of 12,51 times the original theoretical condition was achieved.
  • Greater uniformity of light distribution, by using equipment that certifies the form of light distribution and by placing it in the correct positions, areas of shadows were eliminated. The high IK impact capacity and IP tightness of our products eliminated the shadow work due to the breakage of mercury bulbs.
  • Improvement in the intensity of the illumination, using high efficiency equipment, on average the SCHUCH solution delivers 143,69 lm/W, compared to the 19 lm/W of the original installation an improvement of 21% is achieved comparing the FERRIVA solution with the previous installation, if it is compared with the same amount of luminaires (only seven for each model) then the improvement is 38,59% using the SCHUCH equipment.